Sunday Morning Service

Bob Livingston - Cultural Exchange to India
Aug 30, 2015
10:30 am - 11:30 am


Singer-songwriter Bob Livingston, has toured the world for the US State Department. Of all the countries he visited, India stood out and affected him the most profoundly. Between tours, Livingston had a chance to live there for several months at a time in a rural village in South India. And all of this happened while still working at his career in Texas music with the likes of Jerry Jeff Walker, Michael Murphey and Ray Wylie Hubbard. These rich experiences informed his songwriting and way of living. Both of Livingston’s sons were married in India and had Indian weddings. In his program for Thoreau Woods, Bob Livingston will talk about his travels to India from the unique perspective of both working for the State Department and also living in a small village, eating traditional foods and wearing traditional dress. He will speak about some of the philosophical differences he found and play songs that he wrote while there.

Bob has never been a traditional Texas country musician living the honky-tonk life even though he has spent more than his share of time on the roadhouse circuit with some of Texas’ most colorful musicians. Livingston has played and recorded with the legendary Lost Gonzo Band, Jerry Jeff Walker, Michael Martin Murphey, Ray Wylie Hubbard and many others. He’s been called a ‘cosmic cowboy’ for good reason; he’s looked into the music and mysteries of other cultures and tours in countries like India, Pakistan, Africa and the Middle East. Currently, Livingston is on a solo tour of the USA in support of his latest project – Texas Music Award winning CD, Gypsy Alibi.