Sunday Morning Service

Trent Hale - A Vocation for the Mundane
Apr 19, 2015
10:30 am - 11:30 am
 Hale How can our experiences of the mundane, frustration, suffering, even death call us to joy,life, and unity? How do we find meaning and purpose in a world that, at many times, seems to have no inherent meaning or purpose…and, more importantly, why should we even bother in the first place? These deep and “angsty” questions are central to the existentialist movement in philosophy, but they are also lurking at that heart of our everyday life. Struggling with these questions deserves further consideration because of their potential for giving rise to a life that is full of joy, purpose, meaning, and nourishment even in the midst of absurdity, futility, and our ultimate mortality.

Trent Hale is a senior philosophy student at Sam Houston State University. He is currently developing an undergraduate thesis concerning an aesthetically-centered existential philosophy of religion. Trent, spent his first two years of college in a Roman Catholic seminary program and religious order, but after discerning to leave the program, found his way to Sam Houston where he now serves as the student minister of the Episcopal Student Center and the founding president of the on-campus Food Pantry. Upon his graduation this May, Trent hopes to begin graduate studies in theology.